Separation Wall Tour

Tour Highlights

  • Separation Wall
  • Banksy Graffiti
  • local and International Artists Graffiti
  • Aida Refugee Camp
  • Bethlehem Museum 

Tour Details

Length of Tour: 2 Hours
Cost: $20 per person

Detailed Description

A walking tour where you will meet with a Palestinian guide next to the main entrance of the  "Rachel's Crossing" Israeli checkpoint Palestinian Side next to the Parking.

Nearly all travellers arrive via Jerusalem. Since Bethlehem is administered by the Palestinian Authority, an Israeli military checkpoint stands on the road connecting the two locations. If entering from Jerusalem on a direct route, one will pass through the "Rachel's Crossing" Israeli checkpoint into Bethlehem. One simply flashes his/her passport to an Israeli soldier, places his/her bags into an x-ray machine, and then walks through a metal detector, much like airport security, to get into/exit Bethlehem.

You will see the Wall close up, check the Graffiti on the wall, visit a refugee camp, and visit a Palestinian organization. 

At the Aida Refugee camp there will be a walking tour and a discussion about the situation with camp officials. Aida camp was established in 1950 on an area of 66 dunums between the towns of Bethlehem and Beit Jala. From the Camp you will see sections of the Separation Barrier and some of Banksy's famous graffiti. The Barrier surrounds Bethlehem on three sides and has resulted in travel restrictions for Palestinians and confiscated land.

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