In an age of increasing awareness of data security challenges, managing your digital information intelligently is essential.

We provide a full suite of digital information management services, ranging from data collection, classification, workflow automation to data preservation.

Digital Information Management Services:

  • Data Conversion and Preservation
  • Digital Scanning and Imaging
  • Virtual Mail Room
  • Workflow Automation

Data Conversion and Preservation:

End-to-end data conversion, regardless of media type

Remember floppy disks or even microfiche? Your organization may have types of media storage that are outdated, with no exact way of understanding what is on these forms of media, and whether it poses any risk. In many cases, you may not even be able to purchase workable hardware or software to view this data.

We provide end-to-end data conversion. We can take those old floppy disks and other media storage formats and use our in-house technology to read the data and write it in a more modern format, bringing the file type up to date in the process too.

Have complete visibility over all your data landscape, not just the part you’re able to read.

Electronic information can sit within your organization’s data ecosystem for years. Since their creation, it will be more than likely that your business will have been through various system upgrades and the file formats will now be obsolete and your ability to access the information will be severely restricted if you can open the files at all. Not only can this create significant disruption to your working practices when you require older files, it means you don’t have oversight to what’s housed on your servers.

Data preservation services bring all that data and associated files into up-to-date formats. We’ll look at all the software, data types, and file types you’ve been using over a period and establish a data preservation plan to convert all your inaccessible files into new, manageable formats.
Active digital preservation

Active digital preservation is about ensuring that your vital information is always accessible in the latest, current, version of the software so that you can always review it. It protects companies from application obsolescence and makes sure that your data is safe for the very long term


Respond quickly to information requests.
Ensure integrity and usability of records and assets over decades.
Protect confidentiality and meet privacy obligations.


Digital Scanning & Imaging:

Digitizing handwritten and printed information helps to make text indexable and searchable. Scanning your documents can make them digitally available in seconds, but digitization technology can take this one step further. This allows you to properly archive and shares even handwritten notes.

What can digitization do for your data?

Preservation – more convenient than making a copy, an electronic record creates a master variant, from which any number of further copies can be produced, both in electronic and printed form.
Communication – digitized information is easier to share, formatted in standard file types for immediate transfer to both clients and employees.
Searchable – Improvements in the accuracy of software to recognize text, handwriting, and form fields have revolutionized records management. Making it possible to dig ever deeper into previously inaccessible information.

Collection, capture, and conversion

Flexibility is crucial in the digital environment. We build the process around your company’s needs to ensure the best workflow and maximum compliance.

Images are produced in a wide range of formats to suit your needs and are delivered using a multitude of options, from removable storage units to SFTP, or they can even be hosted on the web.

Digital character recognition (OCR and ICR) allows for fast processing. We are able to use machine learning to identify document types and to recognize images in order to efficiently direct the data to the right parts of the system and to key individuals, for further processing.


Virtual Mail Room:

Managing your mail, so you don’t have to

Communication is one of the most critical aspects of any business. For many organizations, the mailroom is the hub of all business documentation. That’s why scanning and organizing these documents, categorizing them, and knowing where they are going is paramount.

Our Virtual Mailroom works hand in hand with our other digital solutions, guaranteeing you the greatest productivity from your people and resources while being tailored specifically to your needs. Our services include mail sorting, rapid deployment, reduced paper, document formatting, collaboration, storage, and retrieval.
Ensuring it reaches the right people

The need to get mail to the right person, in a timely manner, is vital in every organization. Many organizations are looking at how to streamline processes, speed up the workflows, and deliver an enhanced service to their internal users. This is where we can help.

Mail is diverted to our secure facilities where it is opened, sorted, and scanned. Scanned mail is then delivered electronically into your own systems and routed to key individuals; or they can be housed within our hosted services, for you to review. No more pigeon-holes, mail trolleys, delays, or lost posts in the office.

The originals can be retained within our secure records management centers or destroyed in accordance with your own corporate procedures.

The solution is designed to integrate with your existing digital expansion programs, enabling full control and access to relevant data to only those individuals that need it.

Benefits of implementing a digital mailroom:

  • Improves productivity.
  • Builds on your digital profile.
  • Enhances response times.
  • Reduces costs and release space.
  • Minimises information loss.


Workflow Automation:

Most organisations have large volumes of physical documents. Managing these documents when you’re working in a digital age however, can be challenging.

This is where workflow automation comes in. This service allows you to quickly scan documents using Optical Character Recognition technology (OCR) to bring over the text and bring these physical documents into a digital realm that your staff is more familiar with. This enables you to manage these documents, their retention dates, and their potential destruction far more easily than if they were purely in a physical format.
Harmonizing your unstructured data

Organizations of all sizes and from all industries share a common opportunity: to automate their paper or email-based approval processes. It is common for departments to deal with a large volume of documents (unstructured data) from its generation, distribution, receipt, and approvals, this data needs to be managed through a process to increase efficiency and flow.

Our digital workflow management solutions maximize the benefits of fast, efficient, and precise document processing. Regardless of how documents are received (i.e. email, post, EDI, e-invoice), our solution captures, organizes, and delivers them, along with supporting content, to the appropriate individuals for review, approval, and automated processing. Integrated with your organization’s core ERP or business software, our workflow management system brings greater efficiency and control.


  • Reduces process queuing and completion time.
  • Reduces costs.
  • Enhances decision-making processes.
  • Reduces the number of process stakeholders.
  • Eliminates human error.
  • Improve internal communication channels.
  • Increases task visibility and audit trail.
  • Promotes paperless and green practices.





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