Historic Sites in Bethlehem District


Herodion is a volcano-like hill with a truncated cone located near the city of Bethlehem in the Israeli-occupied West Bank. Herod the Great built a fortress and palace on the top of Herodium, and may have been buried there. Herodium is 758 meters (2,487 ft) above sea level. Read more >>

King David's Wells

King David's Wells (Biyar Daoud) in King David (pbuh) street, off Manger Square, are three Great Cisterns excavated in the rock to the north of the town of Bethlehem in Ras Eftais, an eastern sector of Bethlehem Read more >>

Solomon's Pools

Solomon's Pools (Beraik Solayman), are located immediately to the south of al-Khader and about 5 kilometres southwest of Bethlehem. The pools consist of three open cisterns, each pool with a 6 metre drop to the next, fed from an underground spring. Read more >> 

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